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The Brenny | 13th Feb, 2016

Fun times with proprietary software which, once again, looks better than it acts. Oh well, at least it got me an A!

So last year, I was addicted to the one room called B22 - it is essentially the one computer room at my school which I have installed all the software I will ever need on every computer. One such piece of software was Microsoft Access 2013 - the latest edition that the school was allowed to obtain. Believe it or not, it's actually more flashy than useful! Like all other Microsoft programs, you are restricted to a limited ... - garden, you could call it - where every flower looks beautiful, but you can't grow anything else. This really frustrated me, as I had to use both Macros and legitimate VBA code. I can't fully blame MS Access, because it stated on the criteria sheet that Macros had to be used, and sadly, VBA code didn't count as a Macro.

In 20/20 hindsight, I guess I could've cheated and attached Macros that would fire the VBA code - everything's written in VBA, but they were called from a Macro that was attached to an object - sneaky, but I sort of doubt it would've passed...

The database is VERY FAR from a finished project, but it's a good starting point to creating a database for your Drone Paintball company.

Anyway, there are links below to my Database Zip folder, and the Database itself. Which should you choose? Well, if you're interested in the documentation (which was over 60% of the criteria), you should take the zip - but beware, it's pretty handsome in size for a few PDFs and a database. If you just want to have a look at the database, because the documentation is too fat, just download the database.

Database and Documentation Just the Database

Oh oh...

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