Developing small script-like applications through to large project-like pieces of work since 2oo8.

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A superabundance of scripted magc!

There have been too many times where I've been in need of a small one night script to find a missing number or to solve the final clue, but never could I discover anything suitable enough for the scale of the task at hand. Today this ends. Instead, I will create my very own scripts and release them into the sea, to let them swim away and mature into amazing creations as part of other developers' bewildering fabrications.

Every now and then, I decide that it's time to dedicate my life to a new project that I think of. Be it, solving a mathematical game, to creating games themselves! Yeah, yeah, I admit that hardly any of my fetal creations survive, but I stick with them and pull them to some part of the project development process. These projects are just a showcase of those that dodged my destructive, delete-key pressing wrath, and have flourished into amazing applications!

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